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Project for Pharmaceutical Company Pallet Racking System (Copy)

Section: 3 levels
Capacity: 9 “EURO” pallets (3 levels)
3000 KG per level (3 pallets – 1000 KG each)

General dimensions:

  • height – 2500 mm
  • length – 2860 mm
  • width – 1050 mm


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  • 2700mm (L) CC125 Adjustable cross stitch x 4 color – RAL 2008
  • 1050mm (l) Vertical frame x 2 color – RAL 5005
  • Retainer
  • M12x120 Anchor bolt x 4
  • Support for stylus x 4


Fully customizable warehouse System

Area: 190 m2
Capacity: 498 EPAL Pallet

Heavy duty pallet racking is designed for storing goods in warehouse facilities, providing free access to each individually stored item. They are the perfect solution for merchandise with variable nomenclature, destination and period of validity. The shelving represents an easily assembled constructive system made up of vertical elements (upright frames) with 50mm slot intervals, andhorizontal elements (beams) of various lengths and thickness. Thus, the wide diversity of elements allows the adjustment of length, height and number of levels of the final construction in order to perfectly meet the requirements of the applicant and the conditions imposed by the studied warehouse space. All metal structural elements are heat treated for normal, torsion and bending moment forces resistance improvement. Paint finishing is performed via electrostatic spaying.

The project below exhibits thebest shelving system configuration, in order to obtain the maximum storage density of palletized goods. The beneficiary requested the equipment of three storage rooms with a total area of 190 m2intended for medicinal products. The use of 4000mm high by 1050 deep upright frames allowed the storage of 3-levels (0 + 2) EUR Pallets 1200x800x1600mm.The load beams used in the project have a capacity of 2200 kg/level.A final output of 498 pallets was achieved thanks to the installed system of shelves.

Need individual warehouse design & layout?

or free consulting?

(+41) 566 366 569