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Many people purchase a HELI forklift because of their price. Overall we’ve found them to be one of the best forklifts coming out but like all working machines they need regular servicing and repairs when necessary.

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No matter if it is an electric, diesel or LPG Heli forklift we can service or repair it for you ASAP

(+39) 0490 998 711

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Our mobile mechanics are available 24/7, our teams are equipped to do all servicing and most repairs onsite. Our well-equipped mobile teams provide a reliable and efficient service that’s convenient and affordable. We can handle almost everything when it comes to looking after your machine.

If the repairs required for you electric, diesel or LPG Heli forklifts are extensive, we can transport it to our workshop for more efficient servicing. We can also arrange for you a replacement machine for you to use while yours is being fixed.

Fleet Management Service

When it comes to best management practices to help you get the most from your vehicles, we also provide a fleet management service. As part of this we maintain detailed records on your forklift and we let you know when it’s due for preventative maintenance.

Forklift & Equipment Parts

We provide quality replacement parts for many makes and models of forklifts and other material handling equipment. With a large forklift & equipment parts inventory, we can meet any need. Through our affiliations with both OEM’s and after-market parts specialists, we can quickly respond to emergency needs as well as stocking requirements covering a wide variety of forklift and equipment makes and models. With us you can be sure you will receive your forklift and equipment parts correctly and in a timely fashion. Our advantage is that 97% parts are delivered within 48 hours. Our experienced personnel will choose the right parts for your forklift or any other handling equipment.

Forklift Attachments products

HELI is a global producer that has its own attachments factory. It is a specialized, large-scale company combining R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.

Our range of forklift attachments products consists of more than five hundred models at present. Some of our products are sideshifters, rotators, paper roll clamps, bale clamps, sponge clamps, carton clamps, fork clamps, multi-purpose clamps, tobacco leaf clamps, bulk box handlers, log clamps, bar arm clamps, brick clamps, tire clamps, fork-positioners, revolving forks, single & double pallet handlers, rotators, push/pulls, load stabilizers, tilting forks and so on.